Be The Leader In Your Industry

Consultants for Engineering and Construction Companies
who need advice they can trust.

Build Reputation

Increase Sales

Grow Profits

You’ve worked hard, sacrificed so much, and yet the end result doesn’t show your effort.

This isn’t the way it should be! Together we will find the issues and fix them.
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When sales are down your whole business suffers.

You know you should be doing better, but these issues are holding you back:

Surrounding yourself with advisors you can trust is smart business. It allows you to move forward with confidence and focus on what’s important.


Detailed strategies and solutions to increase sales, reduce costs, improve profitability, and grow your business.


Guiding business owners and executives to discern and diagnose specific and systemic business issues that inhibit profitable growth.​


Training workshops that help your team master the fundamentals of business strategy, sales, and marketing so you can achieve your goals.

I understand the pressure you feel when you look at the bottom line and see a number that turns your stomach.

Don’t worry, it can be turned around and I can help.
Want to grow your business and master the fundamentals of strategy, business development and marketing?

Hi I’m Sharon Ferruccio.

I’m a strategic business consultant delivering results-oriented solutions to engineering, construction, and industrial services companies.

I have more than 30 years of experience creating new business strategies, leading successful sales teams, and developing marketing campaigns and corporate communications programs for industry leaders such as Day & Zimmermann, AMEC, Parsons Corporation, and AECOM.

Extensive industry experience and creative skills with:
I will help you grow your business and master the fundamentals of strategy, business development, and marketing.

Is it time to solidify your position as an industry leader?

This is how we do it:

Step 1

Schedule A Call

Step 1: Schedule A Call

Let's assess your current situation, identify the problems, and understand your goals. I will gather all the information and create a plan.

Step 2

Execute The Plan

Step 2: Execute The Plan

The plan is implemented; sales, marketing, and operations are aligned. You start winning more jobs and generating more profit.

Step 3

Be The Leader of Your Industry

Step 3: Be The Leader of Your Industry

Sales increase and so do revenue and profits. Your reputation as an industry leader continues to grow.

Confidence comes from knowledge followed by understanding. When you surround yourself with the right people, your vision becomes a reality.


It’s Time You Became
An Industry Leader.​

Grow your business with a strategy that yields profitable results.

There’s no need to struggle and become a statistic like so many other companies that should have made it. I can help.

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