How Motivation Improves Productivity

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A client complained that his team was under-performing. They were missing deadlines, making avoidable mistakes, and seemed disengaged from the business. “Employees say work isn’t fun anymore,” he said. “I wish I could find some self-motivated people.”

Motivation is the desire to act or behave in a certain way. It’s one of the driving forces behind human behavior. It can come from within or be inspired by outside forces. It isn’t something that individuals either have or lack.

Keeping employees motivated improves performance and productivity. Increased motivation helps change behaviors, develop competencies, be more creative, and boosts engagement. A recent study of sales professional found that top-performers are 70% more likely to have a coach or manager who excels at motivating reps for high productivity and performance.

Here are three things I do to motivate business executives and sales professionals.

1. Provide Regular Ongoing Schedule of Coaching

A regular ongoing schedule of coaching interactions helps motivate people to achieve greater performance. The key here is the consistency. Weekly coaching yields better results than intermittent or on-demand coaching.

2. Build New Skills

No one excels at every skill needed to do his or her job. We have some things that we are good at and other that need improvement. In coaching, we look at the business fundamentals and skills that most important for success. While these are tailored for the individual, here are some common skill that can be enhanced through coaching.  

  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Effective communication
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Overcoming resistance and obstacles
  • Improved productivity

3. Focus on Productivity

Being productive and making progress are motivating. Productivity is a business fundamental that is seldom discussed. Often productivity discussions are centered around technology. However, software is not a substitute for productive behaviors.  

The ability to motivate employees for high productivity and performance is what most business owners are seeking. Behaviors that enhance productivity include the following.

  • Efficiency — gets the most done and produced in the time available
  • Tenacity — Sustains energy for long periods
  • Focus – Spends time on activities that drive results. Avoids distractions.
  • Change – Creates new habits as needed
  • Time Management — Plans and manages time to achieve the best results
  • Accountability – Follow through on commitments

Benefits of Motivating your Team

We are constantly responding to changes in our world, our lives, and in business. Motivation helps us respond to challenges we face daily. It helps us adapt, function, and thrive.

Motivation will ebb and flow. When you keep your employees motivated, you will see improved productivity, greater employee engagement, and more job satisfaction.

Deliver a regular schedule of coaching and focus on developing capabilities and fostering productivity. Your business will soar, and work will become fun once again.

To learn more about business coaching, let’s talk.

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