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What Matters Most in 2023?

For many, a new year is a time of renewal. A fresh start, a psychological new beginning. If you are like most Americans, you have probably made new year resolutions to change or improve something in your life. Typically, we

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Celebrating the Gifts of the Season

The party is over. The gifts have all been given. The wrappings and ribbons have been discarded. Now, it is time to make some decisions. What will you do with all the gifts you received? Maybe you will return that

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How Motivation Improves Productivity

A client complained that his team was under-performing. They were missing deadlines, making avoidable mistakes, and seemed disengaged from the business. “Employees say work isn’t fun anymore,” he said. “I wish I could find some self-motivated people.” Motivation is the

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Readiness – A Cautionary Tale on Business Growth

Once upon a time a bright young engineer decided to start her own construction business. After years in the industry, she had grown weary of the pointless meetings, bureaucratic processes, and military style organizational models. She dreamed of creating a

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Differentiating you’re your company from its competitors is a struggle for many business owners and Sellers. Ask what separates their firm from others and you will likely get a blank stare. Those who do respond often say it’s our people

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The Quest for Confidence

This is the time of the year when businesses conduct employee performance reviews and make forecasts and plans for the year ahead. These processes require taking a hard look at what is working and what needs fixing. Meetings and discussions

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