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Getting to the top and staying there is hard.

It requires more than most will ever realize, that’s why top CEOs and Executives no longer go it alone. They find someone they trust with proven experience and they go on the journey together.

With MarComm Experts in your corner, you get a trusted partner who supports you and your business goals. Someone who understands how to grow a profitable business in the engineering and construction industry.


Detailed strategies and solutions to increase sales, reduce costs, improve profitability, and grow your business.


Guiding business owners and executives to discern and diagnose specific and systemic business issues that inhibit profitable growth.​


Training workshops that help your team master the fundamentals of business strategy, sales, and marketing so you can achieve your goals.


You are ready to take your business to the next level but lack the time and resources to make it happen. We know what that’s like. All you need is a trusted partner who can hit the ground running.

We conduct an in-depth review of your business and provide a detailed report of our findings and recommendations to improve sales and achieve your business goals.

Together, we will develop a plan based on your business priorities and guide you through implementation.


Business coaching is not consulting, and it’s not therapy. As your business coach, we help business owners and executives set direction, and provide feedback, tools, guidance and perspective.

We help you look at every corner of your business to find the root cause for why things are stuck. We offer a structured plan to help you build the systems and strategies you and your business need to achieve your goals.

Mastering The Fundamentals

If there are two words that sum up these training workshops, they would be More Sales.

Our Mastering the Fundamentals workshops focus on Strategy, Sales and Marketing skills to help your team get more sales and improve your bottom line.

These workshops can be tailored to your desired outcome and to the level and experience of the participants.


Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Strategic Planning & Implementation
Growth Strategies
Marketplace Positioning


Brand Development
Brand Messaging
Marketing Strategy & Campaigns
Lead Generators & CTA
Email Campaigns
Social Media

Business Development & Sales

Pipeline Management
Capture Plans & Strategies
Bids & Proposals Management & Writing
Presentation Design & Development
Presentation/Orals Coaching
Presentation Training
Sales Training & Coaching

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